HOW TO ~ Fill your flask without spilling a drop! – plus bonus video!

Friday The 13th!

Sven was out pounding the pavement yesterday and one of our local bicycle dealers slash fat hyphen dot com readers suggested that we do more ({[HOW TO]}) stories right here in on the interwebs, so here we go….

Fat-Bikers seem to have made the stainless steel flask standard equipment on their mounts across the world, so we thought in the interest of abating alchohol abuse (spillage), we would fill you in – on the best way to fill your flask – without spilling a drop.

What You’ll Need

Flask (Empty)

Liquid Measuring Cup or Graduated Cylinder (if you wanna get all mad scientist)



A tiny funnel – or a steady hand


The Process

Fill the empty flask with water. It’s ok to spill a little to get the flask filled to the shoulders. Fill it right up to the bottom of the drinking spout.

Empty the water from your flask into the measuring cup.

Take an accurate measurment of your flask’s liquid volume. Then drink the water.

Measure out your choice of Alcha-hoozie – Peppermint Schnapps for me!

With a steady hand, fill your flask with care. You could use a tiny funnel, if you want here to insure against spillage.

And there you have it!…..a flask to share with amigos, when things get all stressful out on the tundra!

And for those that don’t imbibe or think this is just a bunch of huewie…….a short video of some fat-bike trials sent to me by John Gaddo!

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  1. Patrick December 29, 2012 at 5:39 pm #

    This is great, never thought of it before. Just tried it and worked perfectly! Thanks!

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