Weekly Dose of Fat 12-14-12

We updated the Tire Weights Page here: – Added weights for 45NRTH Escalators, Surly 26×4.0, 120tpi Knards as well as a bunch of weights Fattie Lumpkin from World of Bikes sent us for tires they have in the shop.

Here’s a reminder that we have a (Fat)-Bike Mojo Contest going on! We will pick a random prize winner on Thursday and announce the winner of the Bob Korn print from Bob Korn Imaging. That’s it right down there!

Fat-bike News from the week: - Black/Purple Mukluk build: - Blog about fat-biking in Mammoth Lakes, CA: - Laughing in Duh-Loot - Toni gets in a couple of rides over the Finish Independence Day weekend. Nice photos as always! - Winter Expo Report. - A detour on the way. - Winter wonderland pix. - Bob is building another fat-bike. - Childish happiness and super pix! - Got a little snow up there in Minnesota. - Winter fat-bike photos from Gnat. - Let the people ride. - Fat-biking on ski trails. - Excellent pix from a ride at Knik Glacier. - Eric Larsen talks about his polar adventure. - Magura MTS mid-term test report. - A quick report on the Salsa Beargrease Fork. - Another mid-week frozen fat-bike commute detour. - Solana Beach, CA - Monday morning fat-biking.

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  1. Gomez December 14, 2012 at 11:55 am #

    At the top of this week’s post is a flyer for a race that our good friend and righteous dude, Spinner is throwing down in Platteville Wisconsin on Saturday night. If you like fun on fat-bikes, check it out! Visit for all the details!

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