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First Look/Impressions: On-One Fatty

On-One bikes has been around for quite some time and is a UK brand most notable for it’s figurehead, Brant Richards. His notable work for many is the On-One Midge Dirt Drop handlebar (still my favorite that I use on my monstercross bike I designed/had built), the On-One Mary handlebar, and the On-One Fleegle handlebar. However […]

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Sevo’s Test Rig: 9:Zero:7 135mm

Well my goal last fall was to build up a rig I’d never ridden before and could tinker with over the season. I wanted something light for the base and play around after that. Build ended up being as follows: 2012 9:Zero:7 frame/fork, Large, Yellow, 135mm Wheels: Rolling Daryl’s, Salsa Front Hub, XT Rear Tires: […]

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Sevo’s Crystal Ball: Tire Talk

I was in Fruita almost 8 years ago (or was it 7?) that I saw Dave Grey roll up on a 1×1 with the first ever Endomorph tire, Large Marge rim, and fat fork (all prototypes) up front. Was a big “huh” moment. And honestly, as much as everything made sense that Dave told me […]

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Sevo’s Crystal Ball #1: Suspension

Ah it’s always a joy to go online and see what people think should be next and why. More often than not, many predictions though of what the arm-chair engineers think will be next are whatever they think will get the most “likes” or “me too’s” to make their work day go faster. There are […]

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Talking Brakes w/Jude Monica from Magura

An Interview with Jude Monica, Magura USA by Jon “Sevo” Severson My first snow race on a mountain bike would be around ’91 near LaCrosse, WI where each year this little time trial was set up. Back then braking at it’s best was a set of Grafton’s w/Scott-Mattheuser pads. Even then….. One key innovation since […]

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