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Fatty Tandem Bliss

Fatty Quiring Tandem

I recently had the pleasure of stopping by Quiring Cycles World Headquarters in Freesoil, MI and picking up our new fat tandem. We asked Scott to build up the frame to fit the widest tires and rims available because Wifey and I are planning to play on this beasty during all four seasons. On a […]

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Riders of the fall

We´re leaving an epic summer behind. Temperatures has been the highest in 50 years. Riding has been amazing, from archipelago beach riding to big mountain fat bike adventures. And all of a sudden fall hits you in the head like a sledge hammer. Work, school for the kids, everything piles up and the weeks just […]

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surly pugsley poland3

A Pugsley in Poland!

Our post last week about Polish fat-biker Norbert Jędrzejczyk, inspired Jarek Chincz to send me a shot of his Pugsley on the beach of the Baltic Sea, from Poland. I asked Jarek to fill us in a little bit about the riding in his area and he replied with this great story of how he got […]

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Fat-Foto-Friday ♦ The Merseyside Ten

  Our Amigo, John Moore got together with ten of his fat-bike friends and enjoyed a windy ride on the Merseyside Coast in the UK. You can see his whole set of photos from the ride here and you can enjoy more photos from Mr. Moore on his Flickr page, right here! Happy Friday Amigos! Why not share your […]

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Michigan Fat-Pack

November Fat Bike Packing Written and Photographed by: Ken Blakey-Shell Scotty Q and I had been talking about going on a bike packing trip for months now but something was always getting in the way of a trip actually happening. After too much talk and too little action, we knew the window of opportunity was […]

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Second Anniversary

  Two years ago my first story published on Since then, many of our amigos and hundreds of our readers have contributed content and carnival to the pages of fat-bike. Sven and I truly appreciate, from the bottom of our hearts, all of our readers and sponsors. We look forward to sharing fat-bike news, […]

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Beach Ride & Unicorn Hunt

Disclaimer: No actual unicorns were harmed in the filming of the the Bike Black Ribbon Society’s Beach Ride & Unicorn Hunt. This post is rated NC-17 and should be viewed by mature audiences only. Eleven amigos answered the call to come out and hunt unicorns on the third coast of the big whiskey last weekend. […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday – Beach Wheelie

And then there’s this from Bruce Mathieson: aka: the coastkid. Bruce is the Viceroy of  Scottish Beach Cycling and rides, one hell of good wheelie! His clips of exploring the scenic beach riding around East Lothian, have inspired thousands – (myself included!)  A trip to Scotland to ride fat-bikes on the beach is, most definitely, on my […]

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weekend bonus

The Landing

  Some of our readers across the net asked to see the splash down of our amigo, Eric, busting out a dead sailor off of the ramp that we built, at last weekend’s beach party. We didn’t have any photos, but we do have some video! Watch Eric stick the landing….and don’t try this at […]

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jason Liddell

Fat Foto Friday ♦ Pink Sky

Jason Liddell took this shot of his 9:Zero:7 with the magic light of the East Lothian coastline bathing the beach in colour. You can see more of Jason’s photographs at Triple F is a weekly feature, designed to inspire fat-bike fun, fueled by submissions from our readers. Would you like to help? Send your uncle […]

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¡ Angry Andy Gets Down (Under) !

Down Under Holiday! Written by: Andy Oleson Ok, This story can’t progress another word without giving a HUGE shout out to Kath n Kedan Griffin, fellow BBR test pilot, Chris Zito, and MURU Cycles head man – Wayne Chapman! For without their great generosity and help this story would be non-existent.  I’ve had the good […]

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ShellTrack Race Report

Story by Josh Gabriel Photos by George Kaptz & Craig Smith Manitowoc’s second annual Fat-bike race on the now notorious Shelltrack is in the books and as the saying goes, ‘What a difference a year makes.’ Just one year ago, Fat-bike fanatics were laying down fast laps in short sleeves, this year riders were layered […]

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homer fp


Every now and then an event comes along and really grabs my imagination and the Big Fat Bike Fest is that event! The photo’s that I’ve seen and the satellite views of the Homer spit have me captivated. I find myself looking at air fares and scheming ways to get to Homer for the first week of […]

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d1ride by julio gomez

True Confessions of Two Fat-Bike-Beach-Rats

Ecrito y fotografiado por Julio y Gomez Julio caught ‘beach-fever’ sometime last year and he’s been planning a fat-pack ever since. Somewhere along the line this summer, we agreed to take a little fat-bike adventure together and this is our beach-rat, ride report. We figured the weather could get dicey in late October, so we kept […]

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Old Man Mountain Sherpa Rear Rack

I’ve wanted a great rear rack solution for my Nuvinci N360-equipped Schlick Northpaw for some time and had previously used a Planet Bike Versarack. While I got the Versarack to work OK, it was not ideal for the Seattle Sports Rain Rider panniers I have. The main issue was that the effective straight rail on […]

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Coal Plant Beach Ride

The Illinois Riviera

The Illinois Riviera – Written and Photographed by Julio Like most cyclists, I enjoy a mid-week evening group ride.  On a recent Wednesday night, rain appeared eminent and the night’s ride looked like it was a wash.  Normally when this happens, I either look to fit in a quick, impromptu road/gravel ride from home or […]

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Lake Superior Fat-Pack ~ Part Two

…continued from part one  DAY TWO We awoke to a sunrise that looked remarkably similar to the hazey Mars sunset from the previous evening. After some oatmeal for breakfast, we loaded our packs and headed out under beautiful azure skies. We also had a nice tail wind blowing at about ten miles per hour that […]

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Lake Superior Fat-Pack ~ Part One

About a year ago, I started to dream about a multi-day beach riding trip in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Someone from my past life had told me tales of how Lake Michigan ended as a shallow whisper against the southern edge of the deliciously underpopulated U.P. I hatched a plan, where four or five riders would tag […]

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Fat Video Tuesday ~ Lindisfarne

This week’s fat-bike video is from Gary Buckham – aka – Pugsley on Patrol. This is how Gary describes his clip…   Day trip on the Surly Pugsley to the island of Lindisfarne, off the Northumberland coast. Route took me across the tidal causeway, then clockwise around the island on the beaches and dune trails, […]

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