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First Look – Vee Tire Traxx Fatty 29+ Tire

To some of us this may be the most exciting tire offering in a while. Finally, there is more than one choice for the 29+ crowd with the introduction of the Vee Tire Co. Traxx Fatty 29×3.0 tire! The Traxx Fatty is built around a 120tpi carcass and is Tubeless ready. You can see from […]

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HED’s Big Deal Carbon Rim Review

By : Jesse LaLonde I don’t recall a time in my life when the weather was ever an issue. In fact I tend to welcome the extreme with hungry lungs and an open mind. I’ll be the first to admit that this mentality can lead to a sink or swim situation but that’s the type […]

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Sarma Hoboy Carbon Fat-bike Fork

Sarma recently sent us a Carbon Hoboy fat-bike fork to run through the test wringer. We are setting it up on a new build and will have more pix and ride info soon but to keep you in suspense, here are a few glamor shots and specs to help you plan your next build. With […]

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NEW – Jade Cycles Fat Rim & Hub

One of our readers sent me a shot of his Jade Cycles Ti Fat-bike last month. To get some background on the bike, I contacted the owner of Jade Cycles, Jim Degracia and found out that they had lots of new fat-bike goodies in the pipeline. Jade is located in Holland Michigan, right across the big […]

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Bun ‘n’ Lou Twice (Product Review)

Two of our Bike Black Ribbon Staff Writers take a crack at reviewing the tire that made the fat-bike industry bend over and spread their rear triangles….Surly’s Bud & Lou! Spinner’s Review When it comes to bikes and pieces and parts and whats good and what sucks and what weighs how much and whatever else […]

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Squeezing the Bud

With a frame and fork that predates 100mm rims and the fattest of fat tires (>4.7”), I’m limited to how fat I can get. Normally, this isn’t that big of a deal and I don’t give it much thought. However, with record snow levels and the prevalent conditions being on the dry and fluffy side […]

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Sarma Introduces First 100mm Carbon Rims – The Naran 100

After receiving a lot of good feedback about their existing 80mm Naran rims, Sarma is working fast on a wider, 100mm version of the Naran Carbon Fatbike rim. You are probably already familiar with the promise of carbon as a bike material, lighter, stronger, faster, and now, wider! Sarma’s experience with the development of the […]

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Fat Dillinger – Spy Shots! launched all drones and dispatched every asset available, to capture these spy shots of 45NRTH’s five inch Dillinger tire. This is the tire that BkB pilot, brother Jesse LaLonde, rode to victory in the Fatbike Frozen Forty today in Minnesota. The new ‘fattest of fat’ Dillinger is mounted to an I-9 /Hed Big Deal wheel […]

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Borealis/Wolftooth Front Derailleur Do-Dad

Borealis and Wolf Tooth Components have been collaborating on product ideas since the early days of both companies. The new front derailleur direct mount adapter for 190mm rear hub spacing is the first product that is a direct result of that collaboration. The adapter is designed and manufactured in Minneapolis MN just like all the […]

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New Tire Preview ♦ Vee Tire Snowshoe XL

  Our amigo Preston from Vee Tire Company is a true veteran of the fat-tire battles that have been waged (mostly on the interwebz) over the past few seasons. In a true testament to Vee’s unrelenting pursuit of the ultimate fat-bike-tire, he just sent me some computer generated 3D images of VT’s newest creation, the […]

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Vee Tire’s Snowshoe in Snow Review

By : Jesse LaLonde   For better or worse I’ve become a creature of habit. Eat, sleep, ride… the same routes. This may seem mundane to some but it allows for a healthy balance both mentally and physically while providing a level testing field when needed. Enter the Vee rubber Snowshoe 4.7. Falling on the […]

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First Look – Sarma Naran Carbon Rims

Just arrived at FB.c World Headquarters is a pair of Naran Carbon rims that Dimitry at Sarma sent for testing! Jim is going to lace them up to a pair of Northpaw Hubs and we will get them on a bike and commence to testing! Meanwhile, here is a recap of what to look forward […]

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New Product – Turnagain Components FR80 Rims

Turnagain Components was created by the founders of Borealis Fat Bikes. Recently they announced a new aluminum pinned fat bike rim they’re calling the FR80. The Turnagain FR80 is an 80mm wide extruded aluminum fat bike rim. They are  single-walled rims designed to work with all common fat-bike tire widths with a standard tubed setup. […]

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A Visit to Hed HQ

As soon as I scheduled my trip to Minneapolis to attend the Freewheel Winter Bike Expo, I contacted Andy from Hed to see if I could visit their production facility and possibly, demo a set of their new carbon fat bike rims. As the date of my visit grew closer, Andy and I worked out all […]

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Achieving Fat-bike Versatility

Please welcome one of our newest Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilots, Ken Blakey-Shell. Ken will be testing gear and sharing his adventures and racing from the fat-bike paradise of Northern Michigan and beyond! Written and photographed by :  Ken Blakey-Shell Right now in fatty world, options are one of the biggest “issues” a fat biker […]

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Sarma Announces New 80mm Carbon Fat-bike Rim

Sarma, a new player in the fat-bike game, sent us an announcement about their upcoming 80mm Carbon Fat-bike Rim called the Naran. With a projected availability in Mid-December, these could make a few fat-bikers happy over the Holiday season! We are also working on a set for review so we will let you know how […]

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Snowshoe Tires – The First Dozen Rides

About a month ago we threw the spotlight on Vee’s new fat-bike tire called the Snowshoe. We saw the snowshoe at interbike this year and because of the 26 x 4.7 label on the sidewall, we all thought that this tire would be an alternative only for folks with fat-bikes that could accommodate a bud […]

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New Handlebar from Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones has been a proponent of the more swept shape of his Hoop and Cut H-Bars for over 10 years and more than a few fat-bikers are using them for their fat-bike adventures. Now, Jeff Jones is getting back to basics, back to the beginning, with a twist. Well, with a Bend. The Bend […]

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Northpaw Fat-Bike Wheels

Russell Jobs has been around the bike community for many years. From bike shop service areas, to the Hayes Group building custom wheels, to his current position as Manager of the DreamBikes store in Milwaukee, Russell is a font of knowledge on all things bike related as well as the defeacto king of the Local […]

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Product Spotlight – Vee Tire Snowshoe 26 x 4.7

One of the many splendid new products that we saw at Interbike this year was Vee Tire’s brand new Snowshoe 26 x 4.7 fat-bike tire. We’ve been waiting patiently for them to become available and today, our patience was rewarded with two brand new production Snowshoe tires for us to test! The two tires weighed […]

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Second Anniversary

  Two years ago my first story published on Since then, many of our amigos and hundreds of our readers have contributed content and carnival to the pages of fat-bike. Sven and I truly appreciate, from the bottom of our hearts, all of our readers and sponsors. We look forward to sharing fat-bike news, […]

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About the Rohloff and Gates Carbon Belt Drivetrain

This is the second story that Euan Pennington sent us and it focuses in on the Rohloff/Gates Carbon Drive he used on his fat-bike build.   Recently I created a new bike, the “Steel Donkey”, and in doing so I went looking for a reliable and long lasting drive train that could survive abuse, remote […]

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Fatback – Carbon Uma Rims

  Fatback Bikes shared a photo of their new pre-production 77mm wide, bead lock, tubeless ready, carbon fiber rims last week. Greg Matyas, told us that they haven’t determined a final weight or price for these units yet and added that they are shooting for a final weight of 600 grams (or less) per rim. […]

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NEW! Borealis CARBONdale Rims!

Borealis Bikes- CARBONDALE Rim! COLORADO SPRINGS, CO- Borealis Bikes, maker of high-end carbon fat bikes and accessories, has just announced the release of their new CARBONDALE rim.  Named after the amazing small town outside of Aspen, CO, the Carbondale rim represents multiple leaps forward in the evolution of fat bikes.  Extreme stiffness, lightweight, and easy […]

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Sneak Peek ♦ Fatback Sterling 4.2″ Tire

  In a exclusive, we bring you the first photo of Fatback’s New Sterling fat bike tire!  It measures 4.25″ on a 70mm rim and uses a 120tpi casing with a Kevlar bead that’s tubeless compatible. The weight is approx 1300g and the price is yet to be released. Fatback owner, Greg Matyas, tells us that […]

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First Look – Origin 8 80mm Fat-bike Rims

Our friendly J&B buddy and fellow fat-bike rider, Greg Earle, stopped by the shop the other day and dropped off a couple of their Origin 8, AT-Pro 80mm fat-bike rims. As you can see in the photo these rims are currently available in Satin Black and Gloss White. Initial reports on builds made with these […]

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First Look – Vee Rubber Mission Fat-bike Tires

What we’ve got here is the new Mission fat-bike tire, a 26″ x 4.0 offering from Vee Rubber. You may recall that we reviewed, and continue to roll on, the Vee Rubber Vee8 and came away impressed. Let’s see how the more aggressive Mission stacks up. The version of the Mission we are looking at […]

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