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Forth Fat Report

By Jeff Price   During the brief 19 months of owning my Mukluk, most of my rides have been solo with just the odd one being with fellow large-girth-tyre-lovers. So when details of the 2015 Forth Fat was announced a few months back I made a note in the diary. After loading the gear in […]

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Saturday Video!

Our amigo, Eric Parsons (from Revelate Designs) and some of his amigos took a trip on the ITI route, but the opposite direction that the racers were going. This is a cool little edit from that trip. If this doesn’t get your motor running, you might, just be wired wrong or have iron poor blood. […]

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Singletrack Give Back

  Editor’s Note : One of our long time, amigos, Shawne Camp sent us a story that reminds us that the holidays are about giving and that no child should go unremembered by Santa on Christmas morning. I think we should add a Toy Drive to Global Fat-Bike Day next year and make kids happy […]

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Volcano descent

Fat-Bike Costa Rica!

Pura Vida, Fatties! Costa Rica as a Fat Bike Destination Written by – Will Muecke, Team CoreCo Snow is overrated. – Or, perhaps, because now that I am denied long, lovely winters blanketed in the white stuff I react by hiding my true feelings behind a statement that I know is not true. I love […]

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jeff price

Fat (video) Tuesday ♦ Llyn Alwen

Our man Jeff Price is back to show us another slice of why the UK is such a hot-bed of fat-bike fun! You may remember that Jeff made a promise to himself to get out once a month for an overnight bivvy. This is what Jeff shared about this trip. Yes it was getting to […]

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Riders of the fall

We´re leaving an epic summer behind. Temperatures has been the highest in 50 years. Riding has been amazing, from archipelago beach riding to big mountain fat bike adventures. And all of a sudden fall hits you in the head like a sledge hammer. Work, school for the kids, everything piles up and the weeks just […]

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surly pugsley poland3

A Pugsley in Poland!

Our post last week about Polish fat-biker Norbert Jędrzejczyk, inspired Jarek Chincz to send me a shot of his Pugsley on the beach of the Baltic Sea, from Poland. I asked Jarek to fill us in a little bit about the riding in his area and he replied with this great story of how he got […]

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New Zealand – Godley Valley – Fatpack

We’re pleased to welcome back Kevin Higgins. Kevin is our correspondent from Alexandra, NZ which is an hour from Queenstown and Wanaka, and surrounded by epic riding! Kevin was born and raised in San Jose, California but now lives with his wife in New Zealand. Kevin runs a small bicycle business called Hellcat Cycles. He revitalizes prewar bikes for rental around Lake Wanaka and […]

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Tom’s Arrowhead Diary – Part 2

This is a continuation of our Amigo’s sitreps from the Arrowhead 135. You can read part 1 here – Still Day 2 (the day before the race) –  Went for our final equipment check. I ride to this spot rvery year. The pogies are nice. The little storage pockets hold stuff that I grab along […]

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New Year’s Day Ride Report – MI

By – Cody Sovis   The 3rd Annual New Year’s Day Ride took on a bigger, better, more deadly adventure than ever before to kick off 2014 in seriously audacious style. That might be slightly exaggerated, but the thirty-five folks who braved the frigid temperatures, which sniffed 15 degrees but never any higher, to try […]

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Adventuring at Erica (Australia)

Ed’s Note: Euan Pennington from the land of Madness and Vegemite sandwiches brings us another story of adventures from the Land Down Under! Thanks Euan! Photos by Jo Foley. A week off work. The cat at the cat sitter. We had a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it was dark, and we […]

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Beach Ride & Unicorn Hunt

Disclaimer: No actual unicorns were harmed in the filming of the the Bike Black Ribbon Society’s Beach Ride & Unicorn Hunt. This post is rated NC-17 and should be viewed by mature audiences only. Eleven amigos answered the call to come out and hunt unicorns on the third coast of the big whiskey last weekend. […]

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Maah Daah Hey 100

Written by: Dan Spengler   The Maah Daah Hey trail is that kind of new and untested condition. A hundred miles of single track that skirts Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the Badlands of North Dakota, the MDH has been our dream destination. The trail is a point-to-point ride in mostly desert-like conditions with no available […]

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dexter cabin 6 with elbert

Colorado ♦ Ride Report

Our Rocky mountain correspondent, James Healy, has been enjoying some time up in Leadville, Colorado, riding his Six-one-Six fat-bike along with his awesome athletic pooch named Hazel! Hazel and James rode the Colorado/Continental Divide Trail along the shores of Twin Lakes, just south of Leadville near Independence Pass. James had this to say about the […]

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Fat-Bike Boise, Idaho

Cat Calls Written by Aileen Frey “Fat bike, come back here!” the stranger called out as we cruised by. “Fat?”   I repeated as I turned to see my daughter’s frown. Her first fat bike ride now ruined by a stranger publically humiliating her.  She was in tough shape before our ride began, nursing a knee […]

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First Ride – Borealis Carbon Fat-bike

Folks, we are pre-empting our normal Wallpaper Wednesday to bring you this special report. Wallpaper Wednesday will resume next week at it’s regular time. On with the story! Colorado Springs is the home of Borealis Bikes and also the home of our bud Sevo who had a chance to take a pre-production Borealis Fat-bike out […]

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Utah’s Ben Lonond Peak

  Ben Lonond Peak – (Skyline trail from North Ogden Divide) Written By : Mark Peterson   Sometimes we need adventure, and not just standard adventure, but High adventure. After a crazy party, I committed to climb Ben Lomond Peak with my friend Dustin. The name “Ben Lomond” comes from early Scottish settlers. Someone said it […]

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Race Report – 8 Hours of Cannonsburg

Written by:  Ken Blakey-Shell Race promoter: Fun Promotions When: June 8th, 2013 Where: Cannonsburg Ski Area A couple weeks ago a friend and riding partner named James Gomez tossed out the idea of riding the 8 Hours of Cannonsburg to Scott Quiring and I. The race is held at the Cannonsburg Ski Area by Grand […]

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KramPug – Cale’s Initial Ride Report

Mi primo y Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilot, Cale built up a set of offset Rabbit Hole rims for his Pugsley, last week and today he shared his initial impressions along with time/speed comparisons to both his 29r and his pug with traditional fat bike wheels. He rode his local 30 mile pavement/dirt loop out in […]

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