Surly Larry Tire

The Larry is a 3.8-inch FatBike tire, the second from Surly, that has a more rounded profile than the Endomorph, Surly’s original FatBike tire.

The Larry provides an improvement in corning performance for fat tire bikes. The chevron ribs are the same as the Endomorph, but the Larry features directional knobs to hook up better in the corners. Better in most conditions than the Endomorph in the front, lots of riders have been using the Larry in the rear as well. Usable pressure for the Larry goes from about 6 psi in very soft conditions to 20 psi on really firm surfaces.

Match your Larry up with a couple of Rolling Darryl rims and you are a riding throw back to the old Newhart series. I’m Larry and this is my brother Darryl and my other brother Darryl.

Product Info

  • 120 TPI for supple ride quality
  • 27 TPI version for affordability
  • Shallow chevron tread with directional knobs
  • 26 X 3.8″ size
  • Steel bead
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