9:Zero:7 FlatTop Rims

9Zero7 FlatTop 100 fat-bike-rimThe 9:Zero:7 FlatTop rim from the wilds of Alaska was created to offer fat-bikers another option for maximum fat tire flotation, especially for those seeking to go as wide as possible. Single wall construction keeps the rim light and allows for easy modification. To minimize vertical travel of the bead while riding, and to assist with seating wide tires, the rim is constructed so the bead of the tire seats snuggly between the hook and bed. Available in 80mm and 100mm widths, they can be ordered in a standard configuration, or modified for maximum weight savings. The FlatTop 100 is the first single wall snow rim available in a 100mm width. If you are looking for maximum floatation for mega back country trips, you will not find a wider, lighter rim. The FlatTop rims are available in offset or centered, 32 hole patterns. 36 hole patterns are available as a special order item, please call to order. Note: FlatTop rims are designed for snow or sand riding only and are not designed or intended for XC trail riding. The FlatTop 100 rims are meant to provide a solution for those seeking the most floatation possible. Use of the FlatTop 100 widens the tire enough that its use will require the removal of a cog or two from the cassette to avoid chain rub on the tire in the lowest gears.

FlatTop Highlights:

  • Single wall construction
  • Anodized black
  • Drilled for Presta
  • Modified version is machined to reduce weight
  • Features a pinned/sleeved joint
  • Avialable in 80mm and 100mm widths
  • Available in a variety of hole patterns and spoke counts
  • ERD is 547mm
  • Weight: 950g
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