Harvest Beech Ride Report

I hatched a plan to combine a trip up to a friend’s secret mountain bike race with a group beach ride out of one of my favorite Wisconsin State Parks.  Saturday night’s hi-jinks along with some very powerful and tasty home-brew, left me in a state of dis-repair that could only be partially cured with some pancakes and a nap. I took both and the first riders to show up at the beach found me sleeping on a picnic table with the splendor of  the great lakes in the background.

Kohler Andrae State Park is nestled among  sand dunes on the shores of Lake Michigami, just south of Sheboygan, WI. The park is also the northern terminus of where, I’ve personally explored this stretch of beach, so my plan was to strike a path north of the park and see how far we could go before hitting Brat-Town. As luck would have it… one of our new guests that came out to join in the fun, was super local, Dan Dittrich. Dan is also the owner of the Sheboygan Bicyle Company.  Dan was able to show us some really nice ‘local only’ stuff on our way back south that had us grinning from ear2ear. It was a beautiful autumn day and we all wanted more time in the saddle, so we headed south on a familiar stretch of the Lake Michigan shoreline. About the only bad thing, on the day, were biting flies. Every time we stopped to chat or take photos, they liberally chewed our calves… we just kept cruising along at a gentlemen’s pace. Eventually, we hooked a ‘U’-y and headed back to the start.  If you plan on heading up and hitting the beach, please show every possible courtesy to any other beach patrons that you encounter. Fat-Bike beach riders are currently a cute and cuddly, novelty, but it would only take a few bad apples to turn our presence into a plague. So pack out your garbage, yield the right of way to everything and everybody, and please play nice! (end of sermon).

If you find yourself at Kohler Andrae and you want to stop for a bite to eat, after your ride, we have a favorite spot that we frequent. Just north of the park there’s a nice little supper club called Majerle’s Black River Grill.  I recommend a Sprecher Brewing – Black Bavarian and something exotic like a Cheeseburger to tantalize your taste-buds. Local Buds, Beach and Brew brought to you by!

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2 Responses to Harvest Beech Ride Report

  1. DMonkey October 20, 2011 at 1:23 pm #

    Sounds like a damn nice day of riding..
    There was a Fatbike Adventure ride here in the Southern part of the TC, semi-along the Minnesota river just last weekend.
    I missed it due to prior commitments, but hope they do it again soon.

  2. DANO October 21, 2011 at 8:42 am #

    Was great to meet all of you. That park is awesome. Im there everyday. Sometimes twice. That stretch of beach is also our winter ride route. Frozen hard as a hiway we blast 15 or so miles before we turn around.
    Also on Tuesdays we nite ride there also.
    Luv the Pug and am encouraging all in our group down here to get one.
    I’ll will recommend the Schlick fatty to all!
    Lets do it again….. someday

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