Moots FrosTi Fat-Bike

After seeing Moots’ race fat-bikes, built for ultra endurance racers like Eric Hindes and Mark Curicak, at Interbike the past couple of years we always wondered if they were going to make them available to us mere mortals. Well, if you are one of 20 or so lucky souls with $3975 rattling around in your pocked, wonder with us no more. A very short run of frame only Moots FrosTis are being made available. our guess is that you should act fast and go here:

Or rush down to your local  Moots dealer and plop down the $1000 deposit and get things rolling. Fat is where it’s at!

Moots FrosTi Specs:

  • Headtube: 44mm
  • Bottom Bracket Width: 100mm
  • Rear Axle Spacing: 170mm (Vertical dropouts with replaceable der hanger)
  • Geometry: Designed for 468mm A-C forks like the Salsa Enabler or White Brothers Snowpack –also suitable for 80mm 29er fork for summer use.
  • Curved TT on 3 smallest sizes
  • Seatpost Diameter: 30.9 seat post
  • Disc: 160mm rotor compatible
  • Guides for full housing for cables
  • Tire: 3.7 tires max

4 stock sizes: (all top tubes measured effective)

  • 16”=22” TT
  • 18”=23.5” TT
  • 20”=24.5” TT
  • 22”=25.5” TT

If you have any questions please give Moots call at 970-879-1676.

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