Surly Marge Lite

surly marge lite fat-bike rimThe new Surly Marge Lite is 65 millimeters wide just like the Large Marge but the Marge Lite shaves a lot of weight over regular Marges while reportedly retaining torsional stiffness. This rim, like Surly’s Rolling Darryl and Clown Shoe rims, utilizes a 64 dual-spoke hole pattern. Lace 32 holes all on one side when building for frames with offset or lace 32 holes skipping side to side for non-offset frames or forks.

The claimed weight of 690g vs the double-wall Large Marge’s 1220g means you are saving a whopping 2 pounds – 6 ounces on a very important part of your bike and should make these rimes the standard for those looking for the ultimate lightweight fat-bike wheelset. Anyone still building with titanium spokes out there?

  • Color: Black anodized
  • Expected Availability: November 2011

Look for a full review soon.

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