Weekly Dose of Fat

Here’s some of what we read around the web this week as Fat-Bike-related news stories are popping up more than ever. – A story on the Yakima Herarld’s site about the growing interest in fat-biking in southern Oregon and Northern California as well as an intro to fat-biking in general. Like a lot of stories geared towards newbies, it mentions the “giggle factor”. – Coastkid, Bruce, posted a vid and a short story about recent Pug riding on the East Lothian, Scotland trails. Nice, FAT, crossup! – Great story about Fat-Bike Dune Riding at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. As the author, Donnie, states in the article “If you don’t have a fatbike, go get one. It’s the most fun you’ll have on 2 wheels. Seriously.” – The Black Hills Fat Bike Society has a Facebook Page! – Article on the the Bike Federation of Wisconsin’s website about Communications Director, Dave Schlabowske’s new Gates Belt Drive Fat-Bike and some great general info as well. – The Lazy Randonneur notes that “Fat-Bikes Ain’t Just for Winter!” – Random Fat-Bike riding in Scotland. – The Lazy Rando gets his Pug ready for a Redux! – More great photos from the Coastkid as the Big Swells hit the Scottish shore.

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