Purple Sage’s FatRack Saris Rack Mod

This FatRack “Rack Hack” came courtesy of The Rider of the Purple Sage just hours before he headed back to Colorado from MKE. Thanks for all your hard work! Too bad we had the wrong Saris load bar width for your 850!

So, what we have here is a circa 1995 Saris Roof Rack tray. (See that custom disc brake cutout? You know it is OLD!) Anyway, Purple Sage industriously modified the front axle area to use a 135mm Q/R rear axle to accept the front fork of an offset Fat-Bike and then made that cool 4″ PVC wheel holder.

All I remember him saying as he maniacally worked his magic was “Get away from me! Mwahh, haaa, haaa.” Purposeful and slightly warped this was His project and His alone!

Now, thanks to the Sage’s hard work Puck gets to benefit for a while carrying his Uber Pugs around SoWi. That’s Southern Wisconsin for you what don’t know.

Would have been cool to see if it would have made to CO! Seems sturdy enough at this point.

It is kind of a how-to without all the instructions. These photos should make everything pretty clear. Modify at your own risk and remember folks, always tether your bike to your vehicle. You never know when it might want to eject and do that bounce down the freeway thing!

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One Response to Purple Sage’s FatRack Saris Rack Mod

  1. Aaron R. December 2, 2011 at 5:39 pm #

    Instead of a zip tie for the rear, you should scrounge a parts bin or head to your LBS and steal a couple of Toe Strap’s from toe clip pedals. Nice, stainless closure and decent quality strap material. Reusable and durable! Also darn near a dime a dozen at any Specialized shop. Specialized specs a lot of toe clip pedals for their road bikes!