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Seemingly, the new debate about fat tires is which orientation of Nate’s, Larry’s, or Big Fat Larry’s is going to be the best combination of tires. One tire that I don’t hear people talking about is the original gangster of fat tires, the Surly Endomorph. A tire that shouldn’t be forgotten amongst all the new choices. The Endomorph was, at one time, the only option from Surly, and while the Innova Spider did exist, and still does, the Endomorph was far and away the go to tire for anyone fat-biking. The Endomorphs rolled quickly and could be used on any surface with great success. Gravel, dirt, pavement, and snow all became prey to a tire looking to chew up anything in its way. While the Endomorph doesn’t present as aggressive a profile as some of the other options; the Endo does a great job of flattening out at low pressure and giving a very stable predictable ride. It doesn’t steer as well in loose conditions as the Larry, and is paired best when used as a rear tire. In the ever expanding world of “what can those fat bikes do anyways?” the Endo would be a great tire- front and rear, for gravel or mixed road touring. The difference in rolling resistance is very noticeable when comparing other options- especially in the rear. This keeps the Endo in my quiver of tires, faster on the hard stuff, and just what I need in the powder.

Get the 120TPI Surly Endomorph Tire from: Jenson USA!

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  1. What makes the Endo perform so well for you in powder? I have been riding here in Flagstaff, AZ and this tire only works for us on flats. We are Nate’s all the way here… but I agree with the use on dirt road and mixed surface touring! They last forever. I went 2,500 miles with only 1 flat on my touring rig!

  2. John- in Iowa we get a weird mix of powder and ice. Usually we have a pretty solid layer of ice that gets put down under the snow- when that happens the snow actually provides the best grip. If you dig down through the snow and hit the ice you tend to lose grip and the powder (especially fresh) isn’t enough to hold. With the Endo it digs just deep enough to get some grip at 4-8 psi.

    Love them for gravel/mixed roads. Pulling into some small town with huge endomorphs on gets a few looks.

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