Surly Pugsley at Swanson Park (Bellevue, NE)

The snow has finally started falling here in Omaha, so I figured what better time to showcase a little of our snow-covered singletrack.  I shot this video in January 2011, of me riding my trusty steed through the twisty goodness at Swanson Park.

Host to many events, to include mountain bike and cyclocross races, Swanson Park is located just south of Omaha in the city of Bellevue.  Although not the most difficult of trails in the Midwest, Swanson Park’s 5 miles of tight, twisty singletrack has something to offer everyone from the beginner to the expert.  Another great thing about the trail, is that the folks with T.H.O.R. (Omaha’s IMBA chapter) are never satisfied and are always adding new sections to keep riders on their toes!  Oh yea, it’s also a lot of fun in the snow!

This is my first of (hopefully) many videos.  Hope you enjoy it!

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