Tested Thursday – SKS AirChecker – Duo Head ~ Digital Air Gauge

After a few years of mistrusting my pump gauge and guessing what pressure I was running, I decided to purchase a digital air gauge. I asked my riding buds what they used and most were in the same camp that I had been in for years…..a pump guage (that starts at 10 psi) or the squeeze test. Julio was using an analog test gauge, but I wanted something easier to read. ‘Rock-Star’ Craig came forward with a recommendation for the SKS AirChecker and I ordered one up.  If nothing else, the immediate up-side to my new air gauge, was that it confirmed that the gauges on my Park Tool floor pump and Prestaflater were accurate for pressures above 10-15 psi. However, we all run lower pressure than that. This fall, I’ve been more closely monitoring what pressure that I’m running for beach vs. trail. So the AirChecker has been getting a good work-out. I really like the large back-lit display. It makes reading the gauge easy (even for my 50 y.o. eyes). The swivel head makes it easy to get a square purchase onto the valve stem and the bleed valve allows you to reduce the tire pressure at a very controllable and precise pace, to the exact psi that you desire. It comes in a nice cloth pouch that I keep hanging right above the work bench. I’ve even started taking the AirChecker along on multiday trips in my travel tool case.

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On a recent trail ride, where I felt that my tire pressure was too low….my rear tire was folding over and making some pretty loud crunkling noises and ended up going flat overnight. Right after the ride, I took a reading with the AirChecker (pictured above). Now I know my big butt can’t ride trail at 4 psi! Here are some pressures that I should be shooting for – 8F/9.5R trail and 5F/6.5R for the beach – My current Tire set-up – Big Fat Larry and Endo F/R mounted to 82mm Rolling Darryl Rims.

What pressures do you all try to run for Trail ~ Beach ~ Snow ~ ?



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2 Responses to Tested Thursday – SKS AirChecker – Duo Head ~ Digital Air Gauge

  1. smeurett December 8, 2011 at 8:58 am #

    Good timing on this review! My Muk is ready to roll, but I don’t have a guide that reads that low-tanks!

  2. Mark Ehlers December 17, 2013 at 10:34 pm #

    The SKS does it’s job, and does it well.

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