Weekly Dose of Fat – 12-30-11

Photo by our own Julio!

Five fantastic Friday’s of fat-bike news in December but it looks like we’ll have to gip ya and go for only four in January. Fear not, we’ll pack ’em full!

FYI, the December Contest ends tomorrow. If you haven’t tossed in your entry for “What Shall We Call A Group of Fat-Bikes?“, tomorrow is your last chance! – The Alaska Dispatch gets in more fat-bike love with this report. – Tuscobia Ultra 75 Fat Bike Race Report! – Black Hills embrace Snow Bikes! – Pugsley update and thoughts on parts from one of the guys who rides most on sand and saltwater. Good tips for all! – That’s some FAT trike! – Snow ride on a day off. – Death Rider’s Sewer Tour 3. – Lots of cool photos from Bolivia and a fat-bike! – More fat-bike building from Bob Keller – Cable Guides and Assembly.

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