Fat (Video) Tuesday

Michael shot this in the upper midwest with a GoPro Hero, from various positions on his 9:Zero:7. Nicely edited and who doesn’t love a video with a dog in it!

Michael, aka MauricioB, aka Uncle Bicycle, aka somethingtodowithbumble is a Triple D veteran, avid commuter, photographer and the very first kid on his block with a 9:zero:7, named Ruby!


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  1. Love the point of views and edit! What did you use for the mounts in the different places you had the camera? Which camera model? I guess I know what’s on my birthday list! Thanks for sharing!

  2. IS that mount screwed into the rack braze-ons? Pretty interesting rig there. Been himmmin and haw win on getting a go pro- I used a different camera (contour HD) for shooting at Levis Mound, but the quality doesn’t seem as good-distorts at the wide angle.

    • Yes. I just drilled a hole in the center of the copper cap (you could also use a PVC cap) and ran the M5 bolt through the cap and spacer and into the rack braze-on. The Hero’s handlebar mount is kinda fussy to get on and off and adjust, so it’s much handier to bring along a y-wrench and move the mount from place to place.

    • Yes, the same mount worked great on the Pugsley fork that I’m using on this bike.

      Too bad ol’ gorilla fingers (me) managed to cross-thread one of the rack braze-ons ­čÖü

  3. Geez Dude! That’s a rad vid! Great choice of music! Love the doggy just bootin’ along beside you! And you guys are hammering! NICE!

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