IBEX U Want Some – K8

This is Part 1 of our Ibex Women’s Apparel review from K8! Part 2 from Snaks will drop tomorrow.

Snaks & I were lucky enough to get our hands on some sweet demo products from Ibex. These east coasters know how to design garments and stand behind them.

I received the Ibex Balance Sport Bra and Ibex Woolies Zip T Stripe in Pinked Vino Rojo while Snaks opened a box with the Ibex Balance Support Bra and an Ibex Woolies Crew Stripe base layer. First and foremost we conducted an internal survey of requirements to a sport bra and base layer. This includes not too tight, doesn’t retain heat, breathes, doesn’t cut around our armpits, doesn’t make us itch, machine washable, actually fits, free of plastic adjustment pieces, and last but not least… doesn’t retain odor.

I would like to start out by saying I have a laundry basket full of base layers & sports bras. All of them do the job they should but I have a lot of love hate relationships in that basket. I read the tag on the Woolie Zip T and thought “no friggin way”…. The best in baselayers offers comfort in wildly changing conditions with a close fit and the odor-resistant benefits of wool. I wasn’t about to believe what I read, I have been too gullible over the years … hence the basket. Then I opened the sport top and read this…. One of the most full featured supportive sports bra around with  engineered stitching and minimal seams. I again was impressed with the “you read my mind” wording and giggled.  That is how my love for IBEX started… and now I am hooked. I don’t bother looking into my laundry basket for gear that can stand up on its own by now. I just needed these… the ultimate workhorse of a base layer and sports bra.

Standing tall after last season

Within the five week test period, I have worn the two pieces at least 5 times a week. I have washed them once a week which is typical due to my schedule. After workouts I let it air dry and then toss it on again and head out the door. I have worn it in temps from 7-40 F and while running, cycling and yoga workouts. I’ve yet to be disappointed as I go from one workout to the next in continuum. I’ve geared up for a 45 minute workout up to a 3 hour one and found them to stay comfortable.

I don’t own other articles of clothing that breathe as well as these two. I can say it meets the requirements. I find I can wear less and allow my skin to breathe more than ever. I have a tendency to overheat/sweat quickly and I like that the material wicks sweat quickly without leaving the items to retain an odor later on. I also like that they dry fast because I go from an hour run to an hour of yoga with 20 minutes in between. I don’t feel like I need to rush and change out of these clothes immediately after a workout which is key for me and being on the go. One note I have is that the sizing may run uniquely so I suggest trying items in person. The Woolie Zip T is a loose fit while the Balance Sport Bra is a snug… body mapping fit…. both size Small. I dig them both whereas Snaks ran into an issue with the Balance Support Bra in Medium. It ended up in my lap and I loved it. My only critique of the Balance Support Bra was the adjustment pieces, but they did not affect me at all. I found it more comfortable than the sport bra and it certainly is sexier… so if I had to choose one over the other I would go for the Balance.

Check back tomorrow when Snaks tells us what she thought of the Balance Support Bra and Woolies Crew Stripe….

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