Pimp My Pug Contest Update – We Got Your Powder Coating Right Here!

Yes, this used to be a Snow Blind, White Pug that we whipped a Purple fit on!

So, judging by the number of QUALIFIED entries you mugs have sent in for our Pimp My Pug contest it appears we will need to fan the flames with a parade of super-zoot, top-notch, bad-to-the-bone, your-mamma-wishes-she-had-one type products that will be lavished on your simple, albeit fat, bicycle.

First up, the crew at fat-bike.com is anteing up a complete color change for your ride. Your frame and fork will be professionally stripped and then powder coated in your choice of any of a bunch of bitchin’ colors. Just imagine the possibilities! We can if you are running low on inspiration.

Enter the contest! Do it now! Here is how! Wow!

Send us a story about why you think we should choose you to have your Fat-Bike pimped up a notch. You can write a story…add in some photos…or even make a YouTube video to explain why you want your ride customized by Trade-Show and our generous sponsors.

  • Tell us how you use your fat-bike
  • What colors do you like?
  • How would you accessorize?
  • What is your fat-bike lacking?
  • What you are lacking?
  • Why you are slacking?
  • Get cracking!

Get Some!

  • Send your entries to: info@fat-bike.com
  • Any Brand Fat-Bike is eligible to win!
  • Winner will be judged on creativity and chosen at the sole discretion of Sven and Gomez of fat-bike.com
  • Videos, Photos and Verbiage contained in your entry become the intellectual property of fat-bike.com
  • One entry per houshold. Deadline to enter is February 28th 2012.
  • The Pimped Ride will be unveiled at the Fat-Bike.com ~ Wisconsin State Fat-Bike Championships at Alpine Valley Ski Area on March 24th, 2012!
Next Update and Unveiling of the Pimp My Pug Goodness – Tuesday, January 24th, 2012
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Greg Smith, known to many site visitors as Sven Hammer, founded Fat-bike.com in 2011 and the site quickly became the #1 online community for all things Fat. You can currently find Greg outfitting Everyday Cycles; a Milwaukee, WI retailer of gear for fatbikers, adventure cyclists and urban assault riders.


  1. Dudes… pimp my mukluk! I use it to comute in the winter and a whole lot more. My favorite way to ride it is to bushwack in river and creekbottoms, and riding on frozen lakes, rivers and creeks. Sometimes i like to pump the tires way up and ride on the road sneaking up on groups of other bikers and hear them give “carback” warnings!
    I think it would be way cool to have everything blacked out or olive drab greened out in flat paint… stealthy ! everything blacked, not just the frame,but rims, hubs and crankset too
    I would accessorize with full racks and panniers front and back… all blacked out of course!
    My mukluk 3 is lacking a good crankset that does not rub in granny gear! and a guy can always use bigger wheels and tires!
    I’m not slacking! I’m cracking! Choose me and create the first military humvee inspired fatbbike!

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