Pimp My Pug Update – Jagwire Ripcord Cable Sets

Get ready cats and catettes, we are slamin’ with more trick gear for that lucky so-and-so who sends us the best story, anecdote, cajole, threat or simply good reason for us to Pimp Your Pug.

  • You already got your color on.
  • You already got your head(set) in the right place.

Now direct from James and the fat-bike riding homelys at Jagwire, we got your cables set for a spandiffiric upgrade. Jagwire’s Ripcord Brake and Derailleur Housing and Cable kits in whatever of the fancy colors they offer that you see fit to pimp on your Pug!

From James:

Jagwire’s Ripcord brake cable kits noticeably improve lever feel for any mechanical disc brake That squishy feeling you may notice at your brake lever is compression. Traditional brake housing compresses as small gaps in the housing’s steel coil are forced closer together. Think of a spring being squeezed, that’s compression. Ripcord housing eliminates compression by removing the coil of steel found in traditional housing and replacing it with a Kevlar mesh. No coiled steel means no gaps, no gaps means no compression and no compression means great feeling disc brakes. Perhaps more importantly, all of this performance is wrapped in one of 12 different colors to let you pimp your Pug.

By Jimminy if you don’t know this is a contest, and you may actually have to do some work to win, here is the skinny on the specifics.

Send us a story about why you think we should choose you to have your Fat-Bike pimped up a notch. You can write a story…add in some photos…or even make a YouTube video to explain why you want your ride customized by Trade-Show and our generous sponsors. Now including:

  • Jagwire
  • Cane Creek
  • fat-bike.com

The rigamarole, please:

  • Send your entries to: info@fat-bike.com.
  • Any Brand Fat-Bike is eligible to win!
  • Winner will be judged on creativity and chosen at the sole discretion of Sven and Gomez of fat-bike.com.
  • Videos, Photos and Verbiage contained in your entry become the intellectual property of fat-bike.com.
  • One entry per houshold. Deadline to enter is February 28th 2012.
  • The Pimped Ride will be unveiled at the Fat-Bike.com ~ Wisconsin State Fat-Bike Championships at Alpine Valley Ski Area on March 24th, 2012!
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