Sevo’s Test Rig: 9:Zero:7 135mm

Well my goal last fall was to build up a rig I’d never ridden before and could tinker with over the season. I wanted something light for the base and play around after that.

Build ended up being as follows:

  • 2012 9:Zero:7 frame/fork, Large, Yellow, 135mm
  • Wheels: Rolling Daryl’s, Salsa Front Hub, XT Rear
  • Tires: Nate front, Larry rear (now prototype Vee Rubber tires…more later)
  • Magura MT2’s
  • SRAM XO 9 speed rear der/Gripshift, 11-34 cassette
  • Surly Mr Whirly 180mm, 110bolt circle, 35t Sinz BMX chainring
  • Crank Brothers Mallets
  • Thomson Post/Stem
  • Easton 9 Degree bend 31.8 bar
  • Control Tech Bar ends (yes…the real ones)
  • WTB SST Saddle

True, could go lighter on some bits. Honestly wanted to go to the Marge Lite’s but they weren’t in stock (hint hint Sov, you can send me a set when they are). XT Hub was just because it is a good hub for the price. I went with a Mr Whirly even though it’s not very light. Why? Well because I like 180mm cranks….and I like The Replacements even more. 9 speed because I don’t think one is ever enough and more than 9 seems too much for me. Especially with the 180 crank and the 35t. Times I wish for  a lower gear in snow I don’t have traction anyway. Plus I’m cheap.

Over time this will probably all get changed around a bit. Actually since they above pic I swapped the tires out for a set of Vee Rubber Mission 26×4.0 prototypes (least guessing the “only set in North America part means such). However you should see them by February/March in shops. I am a handlebar whore so expect to see some different configurations. I already think I finally have a bike to throw a Jones H-Bar on. I often yearn to be further back on the bike in snow, but I dislike the current monkey bar level bar setup that many love. I’m not using this just for snow. I’m riding it everywhere. Jones bar allows for more positions for more terrain. Hope Jones can be a dear and send me one. (pretty please, I’ll take aluminum even and wrap it myself).

Wheels. Went cheap on spokes and hubs for rear because as some of you know, I do yearn for a narrower rear rim and eventually narrower tires. BTW – If you have a new Nokian Gazzaloddis  3.0 laying around to sell cheap let me know.

Brakes. Yep I went with the cheapest Magura brakes money could buy. Why? Well because first off they brag that the brakes from top to bottom are all the same…just bit better bits (carbon, ti, etc..) as you go up in price and down in weight. In theory, all perform equally. Well, I don’t have a set of MT8’s yet to compare, but I do have a set of Marta SL’s I love on my squish rig. They feel at least as good as those. I also went cheap to prove that the cheapest hydraulic was still better than mechanicals. I’ve never liked mechanical discs…sooner go back to V-brakes honestly. So want to see how they hold up, how they do in cold, and well prove cheap stuff is sometimes good enough.

I’ve got a few other cool bits coming. A new fat bike specific crank is supposed to be coming soon from a certain big name. Hope the promised carbon rim prototypes come through. May build a Kappius Components rear hub once they are ready (met with Russ today…it’s a killer design) if I can get my hands on one. Almost no point sometimes to those nice 180mm cranks if I have to move the pedal 4 inches before the XT hub engages. I’ve more than once in a snow situation wished for instant on.

That’s it for now. Few more tire changes to go through. I’m going to try to feign a good cry now and call Sven to see if I can get him to send me those Husker Du’s he has. After all, it’d round out the MPLS punk rock scene on the bike quite nicely…..

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2 Responses to Sevo’s Test Rig: 9:Zero:7 135mm

  1. Rick May 15, 2014 at 3:38 pm #

    I’m wondering how those breaks worked out? I just put some hydro’s on my 4 season.


  2. Sevo May 23, 2014 at 4:11 pm #

    Rick-The brakes were fantastic. The MT2’s truly work just as good as the other brakes, I’d run them on my bikes if I wasn’t in love with the lever shape of the MT6 🙂