Team SnowBike Enduro – Race Report!

…a race report from Ernesto & Gomez

The Wisconsin Fat-Bike Race Series, 2nd edition, took place in Lake Geneva, WI, this weekend. The same place Wisconsin keeps its sea monster.

This race was the TSE, which also stands for the Team Snowbike Enduro. This 2nd edition of the TSE was held at a hill top quarry that has been revitalized as an outdoor adventure park called Lake Geneva Canopy Tours. The course was blanketed in a super fresh, five inches of light powdery snow and the day dawned clear and cold. Fun cold!  The bonfire helped a lot! If it wasn’t for that fire, we’d all probably be hanging out under a giant sleeping bag, sharing each other’s body heat… and some gnome jerkey. Considering the way this winter’s weather has been going until just recently, the race day conditions were Miss USA perfect.

Derby On!

The crowd gathered and registration took place. 30 team captains derbied till there was only one man riding. Randy Wegner won the derby and the first pick in the rider draft. After teams were chosen, the race started  with a zip-line flyover (WEEEEEE!!!) and a lemans start. The ride leaders came in from the first lap in just 14 minutes. So scary fast! The race course featured a mix of double track and twisty single track built by Butch Welke of the Treadhead Race Team. Multiple racers raved about how much fun they had out on the race course. The trails firmed up like well toned abs with every lap as teams started to pile on the laps.

After 3 hours of racing and gargling obnoxious amounts of fun, three teams tied with 11 laps. The podium order was determined with an indian leg wrestling double elimination tournament much to the delight of the cheering crowd. It was much more entertaining than a staring contest. No one wants to catch pink eye at a staring contest. Team Captain – Maciej Nowak from Wakesha, WI will be wearing the championship belt (hopefully every day – really, every day to boast and soak in the glory of winning) for 2012 and shared the spoils of his win with team mates, John Gregorski from Erin, WI and Jamison Stachel of Janesville, WI.

Michele Zimmerman along with (left to right) Jamison, John and Maciej



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2 Responses to Team SnowBike Enduro – Race Report!

  1. K8 January 23, 2012 at 10:47 am #

    This event, by far one of the best I have participated in. Everyone was smiling ear to ear for 3 hours straight. Rarely was there anyone gone from the pit area too long… Nonstop laughs and occasional chanting filled the air as racers came thru the shoot. What a great way to spend an afternoon… Thanks to all the race sponsors also…way too generous !

  2. djonnymac January 23, 2012 at 8:16 pm #

    an absolutely fantastic time! the course was great! the people brilliant! really that was so much fun! well done!