Moonlander Update(grades)

Six weeks with the Moonlander and all systems are go…

I can’t remember the last time I spent any time on my pugs, since Moonlander came into my life. It’s been a six week honeymoon cruise of Snow, Ice, Mud & Sandy Beach, with some parts swapped and frame bag, saddle and pogie testing along the way for Thparkle and I. Yep…named this bike Thparkle on a beach ride on the south end of Milwaukee where the shore was all ice and big round rocks. Thparkle crab-walked all over that marble trap in a kind of controlable 2 beer swerve. All I had to do was keep pedaling and Thparkle just did some amazing shit…..but I digress…

The main crux of this installment of moonlander today is to ‘splaine what upgrades took the stock ML complete and made it into the fat-bike dream-boat………Thparkle (Sparkle with a lisp)


  • Ritchey WCS 10degree sweep 31.8 – 700mm wide
  • Ritchey stem (matched the length and angle of the stock stem)
  • Thomson Post
  • WTB Laser Saddle
  • Oury Lockon Grips
  • Home Sewn Frame Bag with patches – by Cale and Bethany

Stuff that I’ve tested on Thparkle in the last 6 weeks

Selle Anitomica Titanico NS Saddle – Reviewed and Passed along to Adam for further evaluation.
Revelate Designs – Frame Pack – Review Pending – I like Cale’s Handi-Work better.
Bar Mitts – Passed along to Blatz for further observation.
Gauntlet Proto-Type Pogies – Currently Testing – and really loving them!
Terry Men’s Fly Saddle – Parts Bin Resurection

Things, for which I covet!

Brooks Swift Saddle
Cane Creek 110 Headset
Black Salsa Flip Offs
another Berner (I already have names picked out)

2 Responses to Moonlander Update(grades)

  1. Colin February 3, 2012 at 3:12 pm #

    That 2 beer swerve proved mighty helpful that day along the beach. dont forget the dino poop for extra traction.

  2. Fletchy Headed Mutant February 7, 2012 at 8:15 pm #

    I built a fresh frame from the first lot and put a Rohloff hub on it because the frame geometry remiss me of a touring bike more than pure MTB. It rides soooo nice and the reliability is worth the weight penalty.

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