Product Preview – Ibex Scout Vest

Whaalaa! I’ve got an Ibex product to review! Actually, I own several articles of Ibex base layers already but the Scout Vest that Ibex sent for review happens to be my size and I wanted to try a vest as a supplement to my cold weather gear.

My rust-colored review vest is an XL and fits my rotund form well. I can get a medium-weight jersey under no problem and it still fits under my shell fine.

I hadn’t heard of Bouclé before. From the way the description of the garment on the Ibex reads it is the type of wool fabric that the Scout Vest is made from. “Double-knit with a touch of polyester that attaches the flat knit on the inside and looped knit on the outside”. Fancy stuff, apparently. The important thing to me is that is looks good. And, if previous Ibex experiences are any measure, it will perform well. Time will very soon tell as I have a bunch of winter riding coming up and this will be part of my kit.

From the Ibex website:

All the function of a Scout garment minus the sleeves. Flawless pedaling in on the morning commute or as a waistcoat with business wear, the versatile cut and Boucle fabric will look good year after year.

Techie-type stuff:

  • 21 micron Zque™ New Zealand Merino Heavy Boucle (93% NZM / 7% Polyester); 420 g/m2
  • Semi-fit
  • Midlayer warmth
  • Full front zip
  • Locking zipper on hand and chest pockets
  • Flatlock Seams
  • Machine washable
  • Made in the USA
  • Garment Weight: 12.8 oz

About Bouclé

Our machine washable Bouclé is made from New Zealand merino wool. It’s a double-knit with a touch of polyester that attaches the flat knit on the inside and looped knit on the outside. The looping produces an insulative, warmth-trapping environment when worn with a top layer. The smooth side glides over lighter layers. Ibex Bouclé is a great midlayer or outerlayer, depending on conditions. Machine washable.

  • Fiber Source:New Zealand
  • Fabric Source:New Zealand
  • Garment Source:United States
As an FYI, if you are they type who already knows this vest is for you, it is on sale at the IBEX website!
Disclaimer: This product was given to me at no charge for reviewing. I was not paid or bribed to give this review and it will reflect my honest opinion or thoughts throughout.

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