Moonlander – Mission One – Porcelain Rocket – Frame Pack – (MM1-SSB)

Houston this is Moonlander one ; all systems are go for lift-off!

I wonder if our friends at Surly knew that they would tap into the collective imaginations of every baby boomer and gen-x’r that secretly dreamed of some day strapping themselves into a rocket and becoming an astronaut. Riding my Moonlander is as close as my big old butt is ever going to get to being an astronaut so I asked my friend Brad to design a ‘mission patch‘ for Moonlander. The patches, along with frame bag testing and my nerdy imagination gave me pause,to ponder…

“I wonder if Scott from Porcelain Rocket could make a custom frame bag based on the look and style of a NASA Space Suit?”

    Cale and I have been working with Scott on some custom Pegasus Pink Porcelain Rocket (PR) bags for Cales upcoming Baja adventure, so I’d familiarized myself with PR’s work and Scott’s skilled eye for design and quality. I emailed Scott with my idea for the ‘space-suit-bag’ and he was ‘on-board’. The MM1-SSB project went through the usual appropriations process and passed with bipartisan support from everyone on the committee (Scott, Sven & I). I shopped the net for US flag patches and waited for our Moonlander patches to get delivered so Scott could get us into his production schedule.


Scott’s busy sewing bags for the Great Divide Race, so it might be awhile before we get to actually lay hands on the -MM1-SSB- prototype. I know…I know…you expected to see a picture of the MM1-SSB. (We’re such a tease) I just wanted to share the process of working out a custom bag build with you all and as soon as I see something from Scott, we’ll share it right away. In the mean time we can drool over Porcelain Design’s excellent work on their Flickr page –

Stay tuned for more reports, after we get the MM1-SSB in the field for some testing!

Moonlander Mission One Patches are available from our E-Store and Select Fat-Bike Friendly Bike Shops!

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