New Site Section – Reader’s Ride(s)

Do your friends tell you that your fat-bike is SaaaaWeeeet! Did you mortgage your house and sell that Porsche to afford all the cool stuff on your rig? Is your ride so PHAT that it floats? Do you just like seeing pix of your pride and joy on the Interwebs? Well, Spanky, here is the chance for you to out that awesome ride on the best fat-bike site around. All right, wiseguy, yes, this here one.

Tell us all about it. We won’t make fun of you, probably. But if we do, I am sure you deserved it just like you deserved that wedgie in 7th grade.

We can do this one of two ways, the easy way or the way you are likely to do it.

The easy way is for you to write up what you want to say, include a couple of pix and email that stuff to:

If we deem your rig oogle worthy we’ll do our best to get it posted up in a timely fashion. You can always whine if you don’t see it up there fast enough.

The hard way is for you not to follow the simple directions above. Just don’t let us know where you live or we’ll show you the real “hard way”!

Here are a couple of ideas to whet that brain of your’s into thinking mojo phase:

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