Reader’s Ride(s) – Dave’s Record Setting Pug

This is Dave Pramann’s Pug. An original 2005 Surly Pugsley that was built by famous FatBike designer John Evingson. As you can see below it has quite a pedigree!

  • FatBike Record Holder bike for Arrowhead…15hrs:47min
  • FatBike Record Holder bike for Ragnarok…7:02 w/aero bars
  • Fatbike Record Holder bike for Chequamegon 40…2:37
  • Fatbike Record Holder bike for Cable Classic…2:17
  • Finisher in the Iditarod Trail Invitational 2010
  • Original participant in DeathRiders Lake Superior “Mantrip”

Dave’s setup varies with the ride but here are some notes.

  • Drivetrain is a 1X9 with a 32T chainring and an 11X34 rear or a 12X36 for snow use.
  • Tires are Kevlar Big Fat Larry’s in the winter and a Larry/HuskerDu combo in the summer with Nates getting the call in soft conditions.
  • Brakes are a Rear BB7 and a Front Canti!
  • Dave says he has always been afraid to weigh it but maybe about 30lbs.
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  1. I had no idea you could use a rim brake on a FatBike. Learn something new every day you check out

    • Affirmative J-No, Arrowhead record 15:45 in 2006 on old SnowCat Bontrager, fastest Fatbike Arrowhead 15:47 2008 on da Pugsley. Pretty sure Fatbike on 2006 course would’ve been even faster.

  2. Here in Minnesota we refer to Mr Pramann as “The Legend “. He is a great guy and one of the toughest mo-fo’s you’ll ever come across.

  3. The old Purple Pugsleys had canti mounts on the frames. I’ve got a grey one that has them too though I don’t use them. I know the white (new generation) doesn’t have mounts. Not sure about the brownish ones that were out a couple years ago. But yea they did do it for a little while.

  4. Josh speaks the truth. DP is the legend. I remember him as a super fast guy in the MN racing scene 25 years ago.

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