Review – Carver O’Beast Carbon Fat-Bike Fork

Alex Roskin sent in this review about the Carver O’Beast Fat-Bike Fork.

I really love the Fatbike format since I got my Mukluk2 around Thanksgiving. Even though here in the Northeast we haven’t seen much snow, I have been trail ridding on her every Sunday. Our 3 hour “A-train” suffer fests have my friends with their 20 lb 29er race bikes struggling to keep up. The half frozen mud and frost heaves of leaves have been a non-issue for the float of the 4” rubber. Not surprising the front end was a little heavy at first to post over the log roll-overs and technical rock section. However, I did get used to it and was just having FUN! (Sometimes we “racers” forget to have fun out there). I was thinking of a little suspension might be fun. Think of converting a Maverick fork; just seemed like over kill, also adding 4lbs to the front end. I saw somewhere on the interwebs a Carver titanium fatbike fork. That sounded like fun! A little lighter, with a little give is all I was looking for. I emailed Davis Carver (one of the nicest guys out there) and he said sure I can get that, but how about waiting a week for his new full carbon O’Beast fat fork. SAAAAWEET!

I got the Carver O’Beast February 1st. SOOOOO light at 550 grams! Took 400 grams off the front end. Since I am running the sweet Formula made Salsa hubs, Carver supplied a 5mm off set kit for the rotor. Everything mounted up quick even though it was after a 14-hour workday. I was so excited. It looks like a cross between the Niner carbon fork (which I have for my singlespeed) and a bladed TT carbon road fork.

I noticed a difference with the first corner I railed. WOW! This fork is a seriously huge upgrade! It really felt like it was soaking up so much more. Felt like I had a 80mm fork set stiff on my race bike. Really felt a difference in the technical and the downhills. It was a little scary how fat I was hitting the downhills! I’m also running a 45Nrth Husker Du and really like that rubber as well. The Fork will run up to a 4.7 tire.

I have 12 hours on the setup and can’t recommend the upgrade enough! I just want to keep ridding. Hopefully it holds up. Now dreaming of a titanium singlespeed fatbike to build around this fork! Big thanks to Bikeman my long time race sponsor and owner Davis Carver for the sweet hook up. (I did pay for the fork).


  • Full carbon 3K weave
  • 520 grams uncut
  • 1-1/8″ x 300mm carbon steerer
  • 135mm hub spacing
  • Front disc offset (spacers for rear spacing included upon request)
  • 45mm fork rake
  • 465mm axle-to-crown
  • Post mount disc caliper mount
  • Clearance for 4.7 inch tires
  • Retail Price $299.95

One other note, you will need to have a carbon specific compression top-cap. (Nothing worse then getting a new set-up minus one crucial bit)

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  1. I have one that will be going on my new fat bike build. I’m curious how much you weigh? I’ve heard that the fork has a 220lb. rider weight limit? Is that true? Im not close to that, but want to know fork performance feedback from people that use the carver carbon fork and weigh in the 200+ range. Thanks for the review.

  2. Ummm wrong name on the reviewer?
    I’m 6’2 180 lbs, and I never let up on the fork. Don’t think there was a weight limit. I have been hammering hard on it. I love the fork, hope it holds up! Like I said, it was a huge upgrade!

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