Weekly Dose of Fat – 3-16-12

Wisconsin Fat-bike Championships are coming a week from tomorrow on March 24th! The trail crew is pulling out the stops and we are going to have a SWEET course. Come one, come all! See the poster below! And, check out that fan-dingus award, medal, flask deal there on the right!

Winter weather? What winter weather? Here in our neck of the woods it was close to 80 in March! Anything weird going on with the temps where you are?

We updated a couple of articles on the site with new info: – Dirt Rag gives first impressions of Surly Moonlander. – Jill is cramming for the White Mountains 100. – Josh makes a flick! – You probably already know, but if not! – Amazingly prolific writer, coastkid, keeps ’em coming! – Joe from Ahearne Cycles kicks back after the NAHBS – Fat-Bike Beach Style! – not 100% fat-bike, but still damn spiffy. – Out of the urban jungle and into the snow. – More SoCal meets Snow! – Winter pix and fatbikes. – More pix from a fat-bike build Bob is doing. Cool! – Winterbike 2012. Some fat, some not, some with SKIS? – Up North ride 1 – More up north ride coverage. – And here is ride #3 – Random fat-bike photo.

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