Full Moon Beach Ride(s) – Spread the Word

Sven has a dream…a dream, where fat-bikes from around the globe, gather together, under the light of the full moon to ride the beaches, coastlines and dunes, from Alaska to the to the white sand beaches of Florida…from coastal Scotland to the deserts of Mongolia…..New Zealand and Australia…..Japan and Hawaii – a world-wide fat-bike group ride. With libation and good cheer!

The lunar calendar for 2012 has 3 weekend full moon beach ride opportunities. April 6th (this past weekend), August 31st (Labor Day Weekend – US) and December 28th. We invite our readers from around the world to join in the fun, by planning a group ride in your region. Just let us know about your full moon beach ride and we’ll put it up on our event calendar.

Moonrise over Lake Michigan

Since this is Sven’s dream, he’s organised quite a few Full Moon Beach Rides (FMBR) for our ride circle on the shores of Lake Michigan, in Wisconsin, where we both currently reside.

The Cabin - Ride HQ

This last weekend we traveled to Point Beach State Forest, just North of the town of Two Rivers. Sven and I had done a little recon last year and found that there were two remote cabins within the State Forest that can be reserved, that sleep 14-16 people. We reserved one for last weekend and had a total blast!

Bike Parking outside Broken Spoke

Friday, Sven made arrangements to link up with the Broken Spoke Bike Studio Full Moon Ride at their New Two Rivers, store. I got a later start on my drive up to two rivers, so we met up at the bike shop, just before it was time for the ride/party to roll down south back to Manitowoc.  We hung out at the shop long enough for a cold PBR and some bike ogling. George Kapitz runs these two really cool vintage slash used bike stores that sponsor the full moon ride from Manitowoc to Two Rivers. The eclectic blend of bicycles in attendance, at the ride,  mirrored his showroom inventory. Vintage balooners, commuter beaters, rat-bikes and Fat-Bikes all parked under the potent moon light. The power of the moon must have been strong, because the final wave of our cabin mates didn’t roost till the wee hours of Saturday morn.

Dawn over Lake Michigan

Saturday morning we broke into a couple of groups and went Riding! In Wisconsin, we aren’t allowed to ride bicycles on the beach inside of WI-DNR Managed facilities, so we rolled up north on a delightful few miles of undulating dirt and gravel designated for bicycle use and exited the park out onto a county road for a bit and then out onto the broad sandy beach. IMBA and the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin are working on gaining access to DNR beaches, so we hope that in the future we all can enjoy longer stretches of contiguous sandy heaven. Till then….we need to follow the rules – (not easy) but we did it.

Liisa & Bethany

We rode north, pushed along by a brisk tail wind. It was just a gorgeous, cloudless, blue bird of a day. We took our time and played on some logs and enjoyed the few rocky spots along the way.

Hiding from Government Sharpshooters

When we reached the Nuclear Plant, where beach access is restricted for security reasons, we stopped and had a snack. When we turned around, the wind, was in our faces, but soon enough, we were back in the woods for a roller coaster spin back to the cabin.


Two Rivers is a quaint lakeside town with great little bars and restaurants. We visited the Wonder Bar, where we proceeded to get lit on dollar Hamm’s and then onto a bar with 2 lanes of miniature bowling, where you set your own pins for a few more Hamm’s.

Saturday evening, Puck  grilled up a mess’o’shrimps for dinner and we all lounged around a nice warm campfire, back at the cabin. The skies were cloudy and spitting a little rain till (I’m told) around 2:00 am the moon reappeared over Lake Michigan.


Sunday was Easter, so some had to split to get back to family while others rode some more, but the consensus was that this Full Moon Beach thing is pretty damn cool! So don’t be shy…..tell your fat-bike ride-tribe to mark their calendars for August 31st for your very own Full Moon Beach Ride!……and then send us some photo’s!

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3 Responses to Full Moon Beach Ride(s) – Spread the Word

  1. Josh Spice April 10, 2012 at 4:20 pm #

    Sweet. Cool idea. You guys should come to AK to ride Hope to Homer for the full moon in August. Resurrection Pass trail, over to the beach, all the way south to Homer, then get lit on the Homer Spit.

    • Gomez April 10, 2012 at 4:59 pm #

      When is the summer beach fest in Homer?

  2. Puck April 11, 2012 at 8:17 am #

    Aug. 31st might be a good night for the Ferry ride to Michigan.

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