My First Bike – make it pretty, make it mine, ride it daily

Fatbike friend, Liisa Fink, sent this in. Hope you enjoy it!

It’s not my first bike, but it feels like it; a rebirth of sorts. Our self propulsion skills advance as soon as we feel the freedom of crawling, walking, running, pedaling. For me pedaling the kiddie Schwinn, pedaling that first ten speed, first mountain bike, finally the “faster than I will ever be” custom Serrota Colorado roadie. Faster is freedom. Yeah, I have motors too; but there is something pure and simply classic about a bicycle; you know. I know you know.

I rode that ten speed in college everywhere. After college I had a boyfriend who is an avid rider and thanks to his encouragement my cycling experience escalated quickly. No biker widow here!.. and what a better way to spend time with your man. At that time I could hang with the guys on road rides and next thing I know I was doing citizen and beginner mountain bike races and century road rides. I tried a shot a criterium riding, but got dropped like pretty quick. Regardless, I loved and still love my road bike better than any mountain bike type riding. I was pretty quick to quit sober performance racing for commuting to work exercise and weekend pub crawls on my overqualified-for-the-job bikes. Climbing hills, dodging trees and navigating single track through the woods was history for me until I jumped on a brand-new, custom FatBike!

The big squishy tires ride up and over stuff I would have never had the balls to consider anymore. Suddenly, I am back in the woods, with a new confidence, like the feeling on your first bike. I have that squirreliness I remember feeling when you get back in the woods after a long winter, but the rhythm is coming. The fat forgiving tires could be a false confidence, but I don’t care because it is working for me. I am not going to be rock star racer and still may portage my fattie over the larger stuff, but I am happier than I was yesterday and that is all that matters.

I’m having fun and you will too! Liisa.

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  1. Cool story.

    Fat bikes have taken over here in West Michigan! They have been seen in local Cross races as well as the ever popular Barry Roubaix on/off road race that took place here last month.

    Haven’t tried the Fat yet, but they look fun.


  2. Couldn’t agree more. I was off of the single track for quite a while. Then I got my Northpaw and it’s a whole new world of smiles. Great story.

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