Product Intro – Stein Kask Plasma Helmet

With my rebuild and repaint of Pugsley One almost complete, I thought I’d treat myself to a new helmet. For ages now I’ve been looking for a helmet with a decent tinted flip up/down visor, great for dealing with the eye watering wind blown sands found on the (usually) windy beaches of East Lothian, here in Scotland. A quick search online came up with the goods, a Stein Kask Plasma helmet complete with visor.

Both items together cost around £70 so not particularly cheap but totally solid and feels like it would do a great job of protecting the good old brain case! In fact, it’s sold as a safety helmet for arborists, mountaineers, search & rescue teams and ice climbers, so is well designed and tested. It feels really comfortable to wear and adjusts easily to accommodate a warm hat underneath for winter cold weather.

But the best thing is the visor which simply flips up and down with one finger. You can also have a clear visor – which I’ll be purchasing for night rides and a mirror finish visor – which I will also be purchasing for trying, and probably failing, to look cool! The helmet with visor weighs in at 525 grams, a tad heavier than your usual cycling helmet, but not that noticeable after a while.

Gary Buckham