Pugsley on Patrol 95 – Talla Water

Latest video in the Pugsley on Patrol series. Filmed in the Tweedsmuir Hills of the Scottish Borders with music by Mindthings. Filming took over 5 hours and produced over 10 Gb of HD footage which was edited down to the 4.38 minutes you see here. Two cameras were used, a GoPro HD for the “camera-on-a-stick”, underwater and chest mount clips, with a Panasonic SD900 for all other shots. Distance travelled was only about 6 miles, in 5 hours that’s not very far but that’s what happens when you stop and start all the time setting up the camera, riding back and forth and so on. All good fun! For those intersted in geology, the big rocks in the video are glacial erratics, left when the ice sheet receded at the end of the last ice age some 10,000 years ago. The small hillocks are called drumlins, piles of debris also deposited by the retreating ice sheet.

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