SKS Aircon Floor Pump Review

Here’s a quick review of SKS’s Fat-Bike Friendly Aircon Floor Pump from our ole pal Blatz!

What can be said about a floor pump that hasn’t already been talked about? They all do the same job, taking the air that we breathe and stuffing it into a tube, or tire casing if tubeless is your thang. The SKS pump sets itself apart from other pumps in a couple of ways. First, of all it’s taller than most floor pumps. My Park Pro is short compared to its (Minut Bolle) counterpart SKS. A taller pump gives you more volume per pump and also lets your shoulders do most of the labor as opposed to your arms. The most striking feature of the SKS is the head and how it successfully interfaces with the stem and gives consistent flawless pumps from the get go. A word of caution, the clamp on the head takes a bit of muscle to snap into place. Keep a firm hand on the stem to avoid damage. The gauge is big and easy to read, not really important to the fat bike world, but most of us have other bikes so it’s worth mentioning. All in all the SKS is a very good pump, well made, easy to use, and gets you ready to pump it up on the first try. Bicycle tubes, Giant inflatable pigs, you name it, the SKS will inflate it.

I used this pump a for a few weeks before I handed it off to Blatz to get his opinion. SKS built this pump with fat-bikes in mind. The gauge starts at zero, to accommodate the fat-bike’s ability to run very low (single digit) tire pressures and adds a large volume of air very quickly, which is nice for our huge volume fat-bike sneakers. The pump head out performed other pumps that I’ve used in the past, but as Blatz mentioned, required a bit of care to stabilize the valve stem. Couple the Aircon with an SKS Airchecker Digital gauge and you’ll be set for care free fat-bike fun!

Disclaimer: This product was given to us and then loaned out to Mark at no charge for reviewing. We were not paid or bribed to give this review and it will reflect our honest opinion or thoughts throughout.

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