Weekly Dose of Fat 4-20-12

PWC, Colin Ford, manning a check point at the Milwaukee Messenger Invitational

Woah, Ho! A 4/20 edition of the Weekly Dose!

If you’ve checked our Event Calendar recently you may notice the the Fatbike specific event fervor of the winter season has subsided some. If you are promoting an event that includes fatbike specific classes for racing or any other fatbike specific event within the context of the larger event, let us know! We’d like to get your info on the calendar. Send a note to with details. – Excellent article, Danielle! We couldn’t agree more! – Toni takes an overnight ride. LOTS of pix! – Video Interview with Daryl Robinson from Form about their softtail fatbike. – A Saturday Ride in the Minnesota River Valley. – Fat Trials. We saw this rig at Frostbike! – Terrace Oaks and Fatbiking with Kids. – An update on the Hanebrink South Pole Adventure. – 29’er wheels on your fatbike. – Now THAT is a fatbike!

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