New Bag Maker ~ Becker Sewing & Design

Straight out’s Fairbanks – (in the) with an AK – Becker Sewing & Design is another one man bag operation (like Barking Bear and Porcelain Rocket) that has sprung up in the face of the fat-bike revolution that has spread across the world from the land of moose and permafrost. We have NOT gotten our hands on one of their bags (yet) but the owner, Tupps Becker and I have been trading jabs over the inter-webs. While we haven’t tested the quality of these bags with our own eyes……I guess you can’t get a better reference than Kevin Breitenbach, the current Arrowhead 135 Champion. Kevin is a friend of Tupps and used his bags during his 2011-12 epic (multi-podium) race season.

The bag in the pictures is a Van Halen themed custom frame bag, that Tupps is super proud to share with the entire world. So if you’re tired of waiting for another bag maker to work you into his or her busy shedule, you may want to give Becker Sewing and Design a try.

You can learn more about Becker Sewing at their Facebook Page or

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  1. Tupper is a bike bag guru! This is just a small sampling of his custom badassery. Get some!!

  2. Holy smokey, I love this frame bag design. I don’t own Surly Moonlander but I will get it soon or later. I wonder do you have any cool design for Moonlander? Color frame is space. I want something that brlight color that caught people’s attention. Let me know what you can find. Thanks. I’m more into camo or mulit lines color.

    My favorite color is red, white, navy blue, lime green, baby blue, sun orange, and black. So whatever the color that fit with frame color space. Thanks!

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