Reader’s Ride(s) – Grave Digger Pug

This is the bike that delivered Colin Ford the Wisconsin State Team Fat-bike Championship, and the Pugsley World Championship. His fat-bike is a Surly Necromancer Pugsley, Colin likes it cuz its black…steel…and can handle the BRAAAAAAAP!  Its inspired by Grave Digger, the World Champion Monster Truck, and he rides it just like a 3 wheeler, with metric gnome-tons of BRRAAAAAAAP! Colin, aka Beaker, hits every jump he gets the chance, knowing that the huge tires will keep him – all upright and out’a site.

Beaker primarily rides his fat-bike on the Milwaukee river trails, both for recreation and to commute to Lakefront Brewery, where he works as a cellar-man. While this eye-catching monster is locked up at the brewery, it entertains lines of tourists as they file by in awe!

On the weekends, Colin usually takes it out to some mo’bettah singletrack like John Muir or Greenbush for some long distance BRAAAAAAAP-ination! In the future he plans on taking this bike on a multitude of grand adventures…like bike-packing weekends, and the Fat Tire Tour Of Milwaukee, along with sweet beach explorations.

This year Beaker raced his fat-bike (along with borrowed fatties) to a few victorys, 1st place team at the Wisconsin State Fat-bike Chapionships, 3rd at the Sweaty Yeti (the bikes innaugral ride), and most notably… the Pugsley World Championships in Decorah, IA.  I’d say the keys to his victories were fancy footwork, and lots and lots of craft beer.

Build Highlights

  • GREEN as Hell Rolling Darryls built by the Iowa City Arrow (adamfuckingblake) aka Fattie Lumpkin
  • MWOD Drive train (the breast crank for any fatbike)
  • Thompson Laidback Seatpost – a gift from an older gentleman (friend)
  • WIDE Salsa 11degree handlebars
  • Ergon Technical grips GREEN
  • Sram x7 shifters and deurailer (smooth like buttah!)
  • Time ROC clipless pedals
  • GREEN cables by Jagwire
  • Nate tire in the rear and a Larry in the front (super gnar!)

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  1. My comrade Huber and I have discussed how to improve the rideburns, our only conclusions were, a mullet/rat tail, a mohawk, or a spoiler. also explosions.

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