Weekly Dose of Fat 5-11-12

Beach rides are a great way to share fat biking with your friends! Get on your bikes and ride!

With Spring here the beach has been calling. We did a “Super Full Moon” beach ride last weekend and had a great time. Get your fatbike out and ride the sand!

Gomez is out doing a few recon rides in Michigan scouting out potential locations for an upcoming event. Stay tuned! – Spring Wrap Up from Toni. – DIY Fatbike! – Riding ash lagoons. – Redux in Purple. – Moonlander Mission Specific. – George’s fatbike progresses. – On low tides and 25.4 stems. – Midweek Moonlander Ride.

If you write or blog about fat bikes or take photos or video of same and would like your news to be included in our Weekly Dose of Fat, let us know!

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