Fat Free ~ Bike Funk

FF/BF ~ Another slice of bicycle pie that is not necessarily, all about las bicis gordas…




Fast Folks – who else loves, orthochromatic design? – http://fastfolks.com/blog.html



Do you think that your tent days are behind you? Try a Hennessy Hammock Shelter – http://hennessyhammock.com/

While we’re talking about hammocks – Check out the Hammock Shop up in the Great Northwoods of the Land of Sky Blue Waters.

Freeload Racks – http://www.freeload.co.nz/ – an innovative and flexible platform for adventure! I wish they made one that would fit my fatty!


WORS Racing – How cool is it that Mountain Bike Racing is so freak’n rad in the Big Whiskey! – http://www.cyclingdirt.org/article/12808




The Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee is next Saturday and Ringmaster Sven is calling all 3rd coast fat-bikers to come out and explore the seedy underbelly of Brew Town – http://trailgenius.com/event/fat-tire-tour-milwaukee!


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