Fatbiking in Finland Part III – The Bikes

Finally it’s time to introduce some of the fatbikes found here in Finland. There are probably close to 50 fatbikes in all, and quite many of the owners are active in the Finnish bicycling forum, We have our own conversation thread for fatbikes, called ‘The Official™ fatbike-thread’. Here is a selection of some of the bikes and some thoughts from their owners.

It’s quite clear that the bikes shown here are owned by passionate bicycle enthusiasts. Every bike has it’s own story, and it’s hard to pick up the best one. There are of course many Surly Pugsley’s, and the one of pseudonym Zarni is surely the noblest, simply jaw-dropping:

Zarni is also excellent photo- and videographer. Check out his awesome Pugsley-gallery here:

Continuing with Pugsleys, here is possibly the very first Pugsley (and 1st fatbike at the same time) of Finland by pseudonym Shimaani:

Have someone said that fatbikes are not for roads? Look at this and think again! The same Pugsley in road configuration!

Another purple Pugsley of pseudonym greenman. “I purchased my Pugsley in the end of 2009.  Timing was obviously perfect because from 2009 we have had very snowy winters here. But I was instatly surprised in the spring of 2010 how great this bike is also on trails outside the snow season. My bike is a singlespeed. I’ve been very happy with it. I can’t imagine more funny bike than this one, where simplicity and versatility combines.”

A Pugsley of Aki. He is interested in bikepacking and has also used his bike a lot in winter bike commuting:

Yet another Pugsley, owned by Petteri: “Great bike. Haven’t ridden with my full-suspension Cannondale after purchasing this”.

Even more Pugsleys? Yes, this one is by Yeti:

Yeti is an avid bikepacker and has an excellent blog at, check it out.

A white Pugsley with a touch of gold by pseudonym Tank Driver:

Here is one great looking Moonlander by anonymous:

Another brilliant road setup with a Mukluk, owner pseudonym HC Andersen:

Finally a Fatback, owned by pseudonym grimm. He is interested also in bikerafting, see his nice video on Vimeo:

So there you have it, a very nice selection of Finnish fatbikes! And once again, this proves how fun and also versatile fatbikes are. Everyone of the owners mentioned the word fun to me. And the photos shows that they can be used in different ways. Fatbikes are not only a revolution of mountain biking,  they are a revolution of cycling.

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2 Responses to Fatbiking in Finland Part III – The Bikes

  1. erasmus June 25, 2012 at 8:33 am #

    surly an awesome array of the good clean fat.

  2. Benny D January 18, 2013 at 7:28 pm #

    I live in Durango CO, but may be living in Finland in the near future, it’s good to see there’s other fatbikers up there in the land of Kallevala and Koff. I bought my Mukluk thinking about bikepacking, snow riding, and rafting/fishing trips in Finland. Kippis!

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