Weekly Dose of Fat 6-22-12

Sandbar Beach Ride

As you fine folks read this a group of us will be taking the Lake Express Ferry from Milwaukee to Muskegon for 3 days of fatbike beach riding centered around the town of Grand Haven. Saturday looks like a good meet up with several fatbike luminaries from the Michigan scene hooking up with us. Look for a report when we return! – Bikepacking trip in Finland. – Dusk to Dawn Coast Ride – Toni’s second report on the Pirkanmaa Tour in Finland. – Refurbed Pug goes to a new home. (Video) – Lots of fatbikes at the Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee 28. – More fatbike FTTM coverage from Zito. – Mid-week beach ride. – More beach riding from Bruce. – Low Tide Ride – More from David at 45NRTH – Birkie Trail Authority approves two fat-bike races for the 2012/13 season. – New Croutching Yeti T-Shirt now available!

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