Wallpaper Wednesday ~ West Virginia Moonrocks

Our long time amigo Ricky deLeyos is featured in this week’s WW on his custom Vertigo Cycles Fat-Bike. Ricky has a Lefty, in addition to the Black Sheep Faith Fork that he’s running in the picture above! Here’s what he had to say about the shot…

Moon Rocks in Davis, West Virginia. This was the first time I’ve been
on this trail, and I loved the long expanses of undulating rock faces
striped with ruts. The fat tires were optimal here because when my
pressure was right, they deformed and conformed to the dips, holes,
and ruts, always clawing me out of trouble.

Feel free to download it and use it as your own wallpaper. Just click on the image to open the full-sized version which you can right-click to save.

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2 Responses to Wallpaper Wednesday ~ West Virginia Moonrocks

  1. JDY August 22, 2012 at 12:36 pm #

    Is that an Origin-8 Devist8r on the front? I was over on the Moonrocks in July with Devist8r’s on the front and rear, and they rode awesome. They’re heavy but super reliable. I wish that I could find some more.

  2. Rickyd August 22, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    It’s a Surly Nate up front and Hüsker Dü on the rear.

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