Interbike Dirt Demo – Day One!

Sven and I spent all day in the desert rope’n and ride’n the fat. You’n may’ve seen some of this here before but, Pard, I’ll tell ya, seein’ and ridin’ are two different things. Krampus = however you spell thumbs up where you come from. 9:Zero:7 is working hard to infiltrate  your neck of the woods. And, I say again, AND, Leonard Zinn, yep, that Zinn, was out today on a 9:Zero:7! Tomorrow? Well, we have high hopes, how ’bout you??

 Krampus = Humpus!


Bass Boat Green??

14″ Pugs! What’s not obvious is that the “Loaded Yellow” is FLAT!



 We love COPS!

And…we love BUD!


You know this bastard??

9:Zero:7’s new, symmetrical, 186mm fatbike. 5.0 in a symmetrical package! Flotation is KING!




 Leonard Zinn!

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  1. Krampus rides as good as it looks. Some bikes just feel right from the moment you throw a leg over the top tube – and this bike felt like it was made for me.

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