Weekly Dose of Fat 9-28-12

With Interbike behind us and the race season just ahead we are working hard to keep out Events Calendar, sponsored by 45NRTH, up to date and to keep you all informed of the latest in the fat-bike world. If you have an event you’d like us to include on our calendar shoot us a note to

This coming Saturday is another full moon and another opportunity for a full moon fat-bike ride so go do one!

Lots of news this week, so click back and enjoy! – Reveal the Path Video Contest Winner. Prize? A Titanium Mukluk fat-bike and a beach riding trip to Alaska! Very nice! –  Fat-Bike-Pack-Raft Finland – SW Event – The Sandbox Showdown – 11/11/12 – Sardinia Trip Report – Lots of Photos!– Gnat’s FatXC bike is complete and it is sweet! – DZR’s waterproof H2O might be the ticket for stylish beach rides. – Bikepacking setup and shakedown ride. – Origin-8 Crawler ride impressions. – Fatbike Frozen Forty info. – Fat-bike Sewer Tour Photos – New colors for rolling Darryl. – Pacific NW (US) Fat-Bike Beach Gathering – Mike Pofahl’s finished fat-bike. – Autumn, fat-bikes and sunsets. – Fat-bike, not snow bike. – Jill’s “Arctic Glass” is now available as an ebook. – Summer to Autumn in pix.

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  1. MG October 2, 2012 at 1:42 pm #

    Hey Gomez — I sent you an e-mail back last week but never heard back from you. Get a hold of me if you’d like to chat.


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