Yellowstone Draft Winter Use Plan – Call to Action!

Do you dream about riding your fat-bike in Yellowstone National Park? You can help your DREAM COME TRUE! Click on the attached link and then click on “Comment on Document” to direct NPS officials that you would like to ride your fat-bike in Yellowstone, and that it should be legalized!


Let’s Dream Big!

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  1. “The NPS believes that the use of snowbikes and kite-skiing could
    conflict with and/or create safety hazards along routes on which substantial numbers of snowmobiles and
    snowcoaches operate, such as the groomed roads in Yellowstone, which would not meet the health and
    safety objectives of this draft plan/SEIS.”

    So they are trying to accomodate snowmobiles and snowcoaches but believe fatbikes are incompatible and would not meet the health and safety objectives of the plan? Wouldn’t that also exclude snowshoes, cross country skiing, etc then? I don’t get it….I really don’t understand the “logic”

  2. I like the first option, as I don’t believe that snowmobiles should be allowed in the park at all (do they allow quads and dirtbikes during the Summer?), but it precluds “wheeled vehicles”. I didn’t leave a comment yet- looking for guidance. What’s the best option?

  3. This was a big deal last year, and they did not make the appropriate changes. Lets hope that this year saner minds prevail. It is mind boggling that the snow mobile industry has such power over these issues.

  4. The problem is that in the Fed’s view wheeled modes of transportation are ANY wheeled modes of transportation…There are only 2 trails in the whole park where bicycles are allowed!!! This has to go all the way to congress to get changed… the Park Ranger can’t make this decision on their own… they can take input from groups such as the snowmobilers and other users and try and sway the congressional committee that makes the rules for all parks in the NPS… i’ve spent 20 days in the park this year and know many rangers and park employees and have asked most of them when a low impact bicycle would be able to be ridden on a snow coach road and the resounding answer was a snowballs chance in Tahiti

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