Weekly Dose Of Fat ~ 11/30/2012

Been a busy week around these parts but, for the life of me and my addled brain, it is hard to remember exactly what transpired! Oh, well, good stuff got done, fat-bikes were ridden and stories were written.

Tomorrow is December 1st and that means it is Global Fat-bike Day! Last week’s Weekly Dose of Fat had a listing of several rides around the world and I’ll bet there are more going on. if you participate in one consider writing up a report and send it to us along with a couple of photos. We’d love to here about your ride. No local ride? Make one up!

FYI, this site is a bunch of work and, while we love doing it, we’d sure appreciate it if you all would take a bit of time to dig deep in the couch cushions and make a donation so we feel like it is all worth it! There is a DONATE button on the right over there >>>>>. Thanks in advance for your generosity!

Lots of stories this week! – Family Fat-biking. – Contribute to the IMBA fat-bike trail map. – Fatbike Sled Necking. – Underfoot subterranean adventures. – Thanksgiving ride. – Evolution of the Yuba Fat. – Nice photo, Josh! – Black and Purple Mukluk. – Under the bridge. – Winter’s coming. – A bike packing primer. – Guitar Ted and a few answers. – Fatbikes on Tumblr. – Year of the Fatbike…in Lapland! – Fat-bike coverage in Vancouver Courier. – Yukon Arctic Ultra – Toni makes a B-double E-double R you N! – N. Michigan’s Fat-Bike Race Series Grand Rapids gets a Fatback Dealer! – Singular throws their hat into the fat-bike arena. – Grand Radids, Michigan’s Fat-Bike Race Series – Global Fat-Bike Pictures get posted here!


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  1. Mark Peterson November 30, 2012 at 7:49 pm #

    Thanks for all you guy’s do. I would go insainerer without this site. I would love to help carry the load. Pony up free loaders! Cheers! Go ride tomorrow!

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