Weekly Dose of Fat – 11/9/12

Illinois Beach Ride. No fat-bikes were harmed in the filming of this ride.

Been a busy week here at Word Headquarters! Lots of great stories pending and some other interesting developments coming as well.

Have you seen our Facebook Contest yet? Bearantula vs Beargrease! No? Well, check it out now! Oh, and if you haven’t “Liked” us on Facebook yet why not go ahead and do that as well Yeah, that’s the ticket! – Krampus Review – We ♥ Dirt Rag. – you have been warned! – Surly Demo Thingy – Bearstrong – River Ramble – Part II – Half day of work = more time to ride! – Outfitting a Pug for Mexico. – Get excited again! – Aberlady beach ride. – Brief coverage of fat-bikes from Dirt Rag. – Josh has a new rig! – Evolution of the fat Yuba. – More mid-week beach riding with Bruce. – Facebook Page for the Fat-Bike Summit in Idaho.

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  1. George November 9, 2012 at 2:32 pm #

    Next trip hit me up , I would love to ride with you guys!

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