Top Interview Series

We’ve been fortunate over the past year to have interviewed several folks with a ton of experience in the fat-bike scene. Small builders, extreme riders, racers, large-brand product managers, icons and regular folks, the amount of info and experience that these people represent for our chosen sport is amazing. Our site tends to be all about current info and keeping the faithful informed but these interviews deserve a second look, or a first if you missed them the first time around. And, a special “Thanks!” goes out to all these folks who’ve taken the time to answer our questions.

Sov – Surly –

Conrad – Sandman Bikes – Belgium – – and –

David Gabrys – 45NRTH –

Andrew Watson – Watson Cycles –

Alex Cook – A-Train Cycles –

Chris Zito – Icon –

Matt Gersib – Fat-bike Racer –

Greg Matyas – Fatback owner and racer–

Lou Binik – Foxwear Custom Clothing –


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