Fat Foto Friday ♦ Idaho Dunes

Here’s an awesome shot of Mark Metzger and his pooch, Pauhana, on the dunes of Bruneau State Park in Southwest Idaho. Mark says, “This place is Fat-Bike heaven with acres and acres of sand dunes to ride up, down and all around.” It makes me want to travel, out west and ride some of the incredible dunes that I’ve visited before fat-bikes were around!

Fat Foto Friday is a new weekly feature for us. We’d like to help ‘light the fuse’ on everyone’s fat-bike weekend(s)s with a little Friday afternoon foto-stoke with the help of submissions from our readers.

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  1. Angry Andy December 30, 2012 at 12:11 am #

    Looks Awesome, (and warm) but I was really diggin the snow at Kettle today, along with a warm fire and colds beers!

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